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Chelsea LaRosa & Joseph Calderazzo

Chelsea LaRosa is a professional singer with background in opera, jazz, pop, soul and rock. Originally from New York, Chelsea has recorded and sung with many Grammy award winning artists, has performed for over 30,000 people in major arenas, toured the world singing and teaching, and is currently on staff overseeing the Vocal Focus at Hillsong College in Sydney.

Joseph is the musical and artistic director for CCEntertainment, a boutique entertainment agency based in Sydney. CCE have produced shows attracting over 200,000 attendees in some of Australia’s most prestigious music venues including The State Theatre, QPAC, The Palais Melb, plus several spectacular outdoor concerts at Sydney Olympic Park and Taronga Park Zoo.

These concerts have featured performances by some of Australia’s finest singers, including David Campbell, Steve Clisby, Wes Carr, Christine Anu, John Paul Young, Dave Gleeson, Ngaiire, Sarah McLeod, Simon Meli and Mitchell Anderson.

Joseph also leads his own ensemble, Jazz Nouveau plus played with ARIA award-winning New Zealand singer-songwriter Jenny Morris for many years

Searching for Heaven and Ending up in Hell

Searching for Heaven and Ending up in Hell

Why Beyond Festival is Determined to Create a Different Environment in the Australian Festival Scene

It feels incredibly strange to write this, but the upsurge in public awareness around gendered violence is exceptionally welcome.

It’s strange to write because it actually reveals an horrific reality: that we have been living with gendered violence for years and years at epidemic levels without either knowing or paying attention to it, and even at times bizarrely justifying it for religious or social cohesion reasons.

I claim no special expertise in this area: I am a straight, middle aged man in a loving and gentle marriage, who grew up in a home with a mother and father who were also both loving and gentle. However, I certainly know that this was not true for some of my school mates and friends in the neighbourhood: bruises, welts and screaming matches bore testimony to the violence happening behind closed doors. None of us talked about it more than “yeah, Dad belted us all the other night…” Cluelessly, I hadn’t factored that this also included wives.

Alcohol was (and is) often cited as the problem. But that’s not true.

Misuse of power was (and is) the problem. Believing that what I want, when I want it is the most important thing, and misusing my power to get it was (and is) the problem. Unrestrained anger was (and is) the problem. And for the religiously faithful of the Christian tradition, misinterpreting and misapplying the Bible was (and is) the problem.

And looking the other way was (and is) the problem. Saying, “it’s none of my business” was (and is) the problem.

Because it is our problem. And in response to our problem, we need a Gentle Revolution.

When we first started talking about Beyond Festival back in 2014, we talked about the need for a festival that worked toward a more inclusive, fairer, gentler nation. We saw a little piece of heaven on earth.

That’s kind of what draws folks to things like music festivals – a spark of something that rises above the drudgery of the everyday. And what we wanted to do at Beyond was gently fan that creative spark to flame, carefully shielding it safe from the winds of both consumerism and economic rationalism in order that those who attended would be so moved, that they took a little flame home with them and set their neighbourhoods ablaze with justice and creativity.

It’s a great vision, but it turns out not only do we need to shield the creative spark and the desire for justice, we also need to shield those who come to festivals like Beyond, seeking that ‘little piece of heaven’, because sexual harassment at music festivals around the world is absolutely rife.

A survey conducted in the US in 2017 by Our Music My Body found that 92% of the 379 women surveyed reported being verbally or physically harassed at a music festival. This included (among other things): groping, unwanted flattery, being recorded without consent, drugged and sexually assaulted. [1]

Let that sit with you a moment: NINETY-TWO per cent.

Though there has been no specific research in the Australian festival scene, anecdotally the situation appears just as dire [2]. It turns out punters head to music festivals, at least in part searching for heaven, but many of the women end up experiencing hell.

We are keen for Beyond Festival to be a space where ALL PEOPLE can experience welcome, love, creativity, amazing music, brilliant art and inspiration in a safe and nurturing environment that in turn enables them to live lives of creativity and justice in their local neighbourhoods.

Our Beyond Festival Harassment & Non-Discrimination Safety Policy is designed to explicitly state where we stand and what we are about, and we will work in with local Police, Security and Festival Volunteers to ensure our festival stays “a little piece of heaven on earth.”




Andrew Palmer

Beyond Festival Director







Our Music My Body Survey Results


Beyond Artists 2018 Spotify Playlist


Westminster is a project developed by Sydney musicians Jeremy Smith and Liam Hogan. It encapsulates the musical collaboration of two childhood friends who have been playing music together their entire lives.

Jeremy Smith is a singer-songwriter based in Sydney who has been performing for a decade. He has been greatly influenced by the American singer-songwriter movement of the early 1970s as well as his Irish heritage.

Liam Hogan is one of the most in-demand drummers and keyboard players in Sydney, having toured extensively and worked on countless musical projects with local artists. The combination of original music and the reinterpretation of the work of troubadours from all over the world allows Westminster to present a unique catalogue of old and new. Or something like that.

Tim Kirkegard

Tim Kirkegard is a singer/songwriter/musician who is passionate about worshipping God through the music God has given him.

Phil Davidson

Phil Davidson is an icon of the Blue Mountains music scene. A veteran singer-songwriter regularly featured on Richard Glover’s Drive Program on 702 ABC Sydney, Phil combines humour and technical mastery to weave stories of struggle, hope and a future.

He is a true Gentle Revolutionary.

Matt Roberts Trio

Matt Roberts Trio plays blues, soul, funk and rock. Original tunes and covers of artists like Robert Cray, Robben Ford, SRV, The Neville Brothers, John Mayer and other blues legends. The trio is made up of three of the most in-demand session musicians in the Australian scene and in 2016 represented Australia in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.


The foundations for JANEY were laid some time ago when siblings Billy and Sarah Otto were just kids playing in their cute family band. When Daddy Otto put down the guitar, retiring the family band, their obsession with music began.

Somewhere along the way these half Aussies/Malaysians met South African born German, Daniel. Friendship came first, then collaboration. Fast forward to the year 2016 and you’ll find JANEY.

The result of the trio’s collaboration, JANEY is electronica / pop / pretty. Caught somewhere between the 80s and now, JANEY has touched down on planet earth. Follow the journey.